Monday, August 22, 2016

Friday, January 9, 2015

Law enforcement and the Dental dilemma

It has been made known to me, much to my dismay, that law enforcement in Cook and DuPage counties are violating my legal and civil rights in klusion with staff at dental clinics to harass me and at times assault me and engage in sporadic extremely inappropriate behavor. It has been made clear to me through clues provided in dental facilities that in my estimation law enforcement is of the opinion that information depicted in my blogs and a non published novel I wrote give them cart Blanche to harass me. It is very clear we live in an age of nazi practices manipulated by law enforcement in America that targets innocent civilians such as myself or young male blacks often times in the commission of crimes for which law enforcement uses too much force to make arrests often times resulting in deaths or severe injury when this is unnecessary. I am convinced after my interactions with dental professionals of all places that the murder of James Usiskin has been casually conveyed to them and that many in Cook county are completely aware as to a plathora of felonies perpetrated against myself and others has been ongoing and again manipulated by law enforcement in a nazi effort to harass, monopolize and control people such as myself so in part law enforcement can continue to operate illegal cottage industries in cook county and abroad. We live in an age of nazi practices when for example a New York police officer can sexually assault, strip search in public, falsely arrest and strangle innocent parties that happen to be black,(Wikipedia-2014) and then receive support from the grande jury, district attorney, former mayor Guiliani, the officer's union and employer and former high ranking officers in the NYPD. I would never support, for example, Adolf Hitler if I resided in Nazi Germany in the 1930's and would likely have perished in a concentration camp at that time, nor can I support Nazi practices in Illinois and do not encourage people support law enforcement that communicate through their databases, I allege, to terrorize innocent civilians. Those who do not learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kelli O'Laughlin murderer convicted

Within the past few days Kelli O'Laughlin's murderer was convicted. I am greatful justice was served. Observe my facebook posts.Dan. I will add that it is never a celebration when a man goes down for the count, but Wilson is heinous, period.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In Touch

Well folks recently I went to see a private detective and fed x'd him quite a bit of information covering practically all the entities and several provocateurs that feel they can perpetrate crimes against me, tax payors of Illinois and deceased family members with no consequences for their actions which includes sacrificing my housing opportunities due to law enforcement's influence. This does not bode well for humanity. It is clear law enforcement is monopolizing its authority to secure cottage industries for themselves and third parties and their fans and they operate as Nazis. I find it extroadinarily troubling many of these genetic rapists feel comfortable bullying the public into their  desires to oppress peoples' for influence and moneys...many of their children appear as freak shows. I assure reasonable members of the public....there are enough loose links in the chain to enhance my blogs to a level desired to seek justice. Very simply, if my life means nothing in the way of my right to live it peacefully and the executive branch, state local and federal in Cook county seek to destroy it, principally for money, than a fight you shal receive from me. There are too many loose links in the chain, too many appallingly disturbed elements seeking to profit at my expense and so I have addressed their antagonisms.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tom Dart a liar

I will post sun times article link.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The clues he left behind

I hope this will be my final post. It is clear the killer,(I do not even allege in this instance) of Kelli O'Laughlin left clues behind shortly after he murdered Kelli O' Laughlin. This is an extremely disturbing case of an affront to Kelli's family, community and the victim. It is clear that he burglarized the home of her parents where Kelli was residing,in Indian Head park, was discovered and for whatever reason(s) murdered this child. He left a hat behind containing his DNA, finger prints, used cutlery found in the home to execute the victim and it was confirmed he was in the home by a dog trained to detect scents. He caused damage to property to gain entry by placing a rock in his hat and destroying a Window to gain access. He stole thousands of dollars in gold coins, electronics.....including the victim's cell phone which he utilized to taunt the deceased's mother. He was apprehended with the phone in his possession. The offender Mr. Wilson used thousands of dollars in cold coins to barter a cab ride and the cab was impounded. I hope it was checked for blood and DNA evidence. I hope the deceased was checked for the murderers potential DNA evidence. The murderer Mr. Wilson was seen in the area by several witnesses who described him. If he claims he went out there to sample a 711 convenience store I do not believe this was his initial goal. At the moment Mr. Wilson insists on representing himself at his eventual trial. Mr. Wilson is a career criminal who has was mishandled by the Cook County States Attorney, a corrupt neo Nazi entity that insists on extending privileges to criminals and has delayed the trial of the accused for over two years. It is my hope the trial is expedient and this deplorable man never allowed to terrorize innocent people again. It is much to my relief the system of corrupt law enforcement, to a lesser extent judges and district attorneys in Cook county have been repeatedly exposed for their Nazi practices. Had they done their job correctly I believe Mr. Wilson would not have been in a position to terrorize innocent civilians. God speed .... Genetic rapists...

The sharp knife of a short life

It was the group Band Perry who sang those words in the title of this post, a beautiful song and how fitting for the deceased Kelli O'Laughlin who died a little over two years ago at the hand of a deplorable lunatic who was well known in law enforcement circles for heinous crimes he perpetrated against a diverse group of people for well over two decades. Where do I do I communicate my own feelings about my life, the razor sharp reality of several failings...the sharp knife of a drifters life? 'I came from the people, they need to adore me, so Christian Diore me, from my head to my toes...I need to be dazzling...I need to be rainbow high..they must have excitement...and so must I'. These words sung by Madonna in the movie Evita, about the rise of a peasant woman whose brief life shed excitement onto a country that entrusted their hopes on her husband, Juan Peron, only to face economic collapse for corruption and mismanagement.Evita embodied style and class much as Jackie Kennedy did ....just add a little touch of star quality.It has at times been my story though as I have drifted for twenty one years....the hopes I entertained, the experiences, the dreams and places I have found myself.... From the subculture of the northern suburbs of Chicago as a youth growing up, to the years I was in and out of a mental hospital, to my father's wealth and those I met and knew...the subcultures i have been, to my years in prep school, to the secrets I maintained, to my struggles with life and its meaning and psychologically tearing my hair out of my head in a psychiatrist's office for failings beyond my control; the books I read and the simple question Pochantes asked a man who loved her, a British sailor.....'Are you kind?' To my years living in down town Chicago and all that I have seen and experienced. Are you kind is a simple enough question, and in my journey starting twenty one years ago it is a simple question I have entertained with dismal answers. The fantastic I was a part of, in the subcultures I found it was living in Skokie in the 70's and in part the 80's, to prep school, to the pinnacles of the psychiatric profession at a time when the mind was a fascinating subject to explore....rather comedic when I tried my hand at it, to the corridors of Ivy League schools, to the explorations into knowledge......where I have found myself, in shelters, penthouses in the sky, the finest restaurants, the corridors of Fortune 500 corporations, politicians I have met and the people as well. Chicago offers one the ability to explore subcultures the world over right in its own back yard, and so in my travels having not satisfied the demands of academe I drifted, have toured just about every police station in Cook and DuPage counties, and met appalling people as well as fascinating and interesting....some kind. In my failings I thought on occasion, was I occasionally looking for love in all the wrong places? Was I at my wits end? My blogs tell the story well, and the excitement faded long ago......the judges of my character by those compelled to comment in vile speech sometimes connecting syllables thinking they are erudite when not are those I have encountered on the street. The question we all should entertain.....what if I were this person for a week? Through the years as I de boarded the train, rode a bus, I often noticed the youth either walking their neighborhoods or working in the eateries of western DuPage or Cook county and no matter how I may have appeared or seemingly in a hurry many looked at me as if to communicate the words....I really like you; I can trust you; I care about you; so intimate were the expressions at times I wondered why me? Why these intimate expressions which were bestowed on an avuncular figure as I view myself? Who are these at times playful versions of actors I recall-some serious, others happy go lucky, still others like characters out the movie the sound of music or the Breakfeast club? Who is raising these beautiful kids!!!? And then one day in a hotel room I saw on television.....a beautiful child matching the traits of these kids was murdered in her parents home. On the news.....on a subtle cool October evening a little over two years ago. It was like a utopian Arcadia had been invaded by a demonic watching a wonderful movie nearing its end only to have the lights turned on because some asshole yelled "fire" in a cruel prank. The excitement faded....the dream was obstructed.....the joy of the shining star that is the youth of south west Cook/ DuPage counties faded into darkness. I heared that a beautiful pre adolescent child named Kelli O'Laughlin was murdered in a botched burglary by a man whose track record is so appalling, criminal and vile and poorly deceptive I knew immediately it reaked of evil and pungent filth. A girl who was the embodiment of America....looked like a Kennedy or relative to the slain President, part of a superior in intelligence and creativity area/ county of countryside, Indian Head park, LaGrange, western Springs.....and a seven mile radius besides- but in particular Kelli's town, a place of wealth, the streets named after American Indian tribes, South American themes and an ambience of the south west. The kids,all kinds of blends of cultures from throughout the world made me wonder.....did I exit the train on the wrong side of the tracks? Everything about the subtle appeal of this region is made possible by the children who have lived or do in its region, it is reflective of how they are raised and who they are. Kelli was one of those children and I sense like John Kennedy she was so fantastic in who she was and where she was going, like molded clay because of her peers, family, being.....her presence alone blessed those like John Kennedy....preserved in near perfection by all measures...fantastic to the end. This drifter has survived murder attempts, been to a part of many different subcultures and have experienced many-the horror and joy of it all. When I exited the train I must admit rather depressed at times it was the youth who communicated to me it is our innate sense that we care about you, and as a feeble mentor, I care for them in the counties mentioned. Kelli's killer nor anyone will break the spirits of the youth of the regions mentioned....there candle light vigil and the girls singing for their slain peer in an overwhelming choral of innocence and love, the web sites and face book pages and you tube videos.....the events, she will not be forgotten. The spirit of the people will never be broken. Their love will not turn to hard bitterness; Kelli's killer left clues behind in what I believe was a desire to incriminate himself and he has made the Cook county States Attorney, law enforcement and system in general look like callas fools. He exemplifies F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and the Damned as it was Madonna who sang the words, 'Beauty's where you find it'. He nor anyone else will break the spirt of all that is wonderful about this slice of America.....because You are one of America's shining stars. Because we love you Kelli....